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Fat Pedagogies in Practice

The Centre for Teaching Innovation at the University of Westminster is delighted to host a workshop on Fat Pedagogies in Practice, led by Dr Cat Pausé (Senior Lecturer, Massey University, New Zealand), on Monday December 4th, 3-5pm in room 401, 309 Regent Street, London.

Workshop description:

In every classroom, norms and attitudes about bodies are (re)produced through both classroom dynamics (educator-student, student-student, student-educator) and the treatment of bodies within the subject material. Our bodies, and our students’ bodies play important roles in teaching and learning. Educators interested in issues of social justice must allow body size to have a place beside the commitment to issues of gender, race, ability, sexual orientation etc. In this seminar Dr  Pausé explores ways that educators may include consideration of fat politics into the classroom. She presents strategies for incorporating critical pedagogies of the body into tertiary teaching with a focus on using social media as a social justice tool.

More information:

Pausé, C. J. (2016). ‘Promise to try: Teaching fat pedagogies in tertiary education’. In E. Cameron and C. Russell (eds), Fat pedagogy reader: Challenging weight-based oppression in education. Peter Lang Publishers, pp. 53-60.

Pausé, C. J. (2015, 2 October). ‘Interest grows in Fat Studies university course’.

Access information:

The room is wheelchair accessible with accessible toilets in the building.  If you face other access barriers or require more detailed accessibility information, please let us know so we can support your full participation.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  For more information, contact Jennifer Fraser ( 020 7900 5000 ext. 68270)

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