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Pedagogic research

The CETI aims to enhance the currency and effectiveness of teaching through a commitment to and valuing of pedagogical scholarship, research and publication at Westminster, which supports evidence-informed practice. The CETI facilitates pedagogic horizon-scanning and research development and provides structured opportunities for colleagues to engage with this individually and collaboratively. It also encourages critical reflection on learning and teaching as part of professional development conversations. The Westminster Learning Communities provide an important part of the infrastructure through which this scholarship and research can be pursued.

Through such active involvement in pedagogic research across the University  the CETI is in a strong position to  make applications for research funding. The Centre will identify such sources of funding and co-ordinate any bids in order to fund pedagogic research to benefit students and staff within and beyond the University.

The CETI is seeking to establish a strong external profile for Westminster’s pedagogical scholarship and research and to develop beneficial collaborations with other HEIs and enterprise partnerships, including in relation to research and bidding collaborations.

The CETI will be working with the University of Westminster Press to develop new outlets for disseminating our pedagogical research and practice.

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