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Curriculum development and innovation

The CETI engages in curriculum horizon scanning. In other words, it is a hub in which we can identify, encourage, support and research the development of new curricular opportunities that meet the ever-changing needs of the 21st century. This will entail collaboration with faculties and other teams, in an exploration of the infrastructure and learning spaces needed to support the development of innovative pedagogies. 

Our curriculum development and innovation is currently focusing on the development of cross- and inter-disciplinary opportunities for students, exploration of flexible modes of delivery to enhance accessibility for all, expansion of our employment-focused and employment-based learning, and the internationalisation of the curriculum.

Learning Futures

Learning Futures was a major change programme which ran from 2012/13 to 2016. Focusing on the undergraduate curriculum, the programme implemented a number of changes that will ensure the Westminster student experience is forward-looking, distinctive, engaging and effective in preparing our students to meet the professional demands of the future.

From the outset, and throughout its delivery, Learning Futures drew on student and staff consultation which helped to shape and deliver the programme and all of its outputs. These have included:

The Westminster Centre for Teaching Innovation will ensure that the legacy of Learning Futures continues to be built upon and enhanced, maintaining the University’s focus on continuous improvement of the student and staff experience.

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