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Call for ALDinHE research applications

The Association for Learning Development in Higher Education are delighted to announce that the call for ALDinHE research applications for 2018-2019 is open.

ALDinHE is the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education. Learning Developers share a common desire to empower students in their learning through helping them make sense of academic practices within higher education and supporting them to acquire the generic underpinning skills for the environments in which they are working.

As a professional body, ALDinHE has national and international standing. They represent their members’ views in response to Government and other agency initiatives, for example by contributing to the revised HEA UK Professional Standards Framework and to the enhancement of Access Agreements. ALDinHE is also a member of the Higher Education Academy Supporting Academic Staff Reference Group on Academic Development.

Each year ALDinHE allocates funding for innovative research projects that focus on aspects of learning development. The grants aim to encourage educators to contribute to the field of Learning Development by designing new, or evaluating existing practices and resources, or by expanding the existing knowledge base.

This year, as a response to increasing interest in the ALDinHE funding, the association has made a decision to raise the total amount of funding available from £3000 to £5000 (with a maximum of £1000 per individual bid). Applications are open to ALDinHE institutional members. Collaborative bids are encouraged, where the research project lead is affiliated with an institutional member of ALDinHE.

ALDinHE funding application guidance 2018
ALDinHE funding application form 2018
Please send your applications to:
Deadline for applications: 12 noon on 27 August 2018

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