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Leadership and Management Forum focuses on Inclusive Teaching and Learning

The purpose of this forum was for Leaders and Managers to receive an update on Inclusive Teaching and Learning at the university for a diverse student body (race, creed, colour, religious, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, disability). The aim was to take a strategic view on the topic and on the drivers for change towards inclusive curriculum such as the TEF, student experience, student progression, retention and attainment. Read more…


Inclusive design in HE

The Higher Education Academy (HEA) commissioned this guide to support the higher education sector to think creatively about inclusive curriculum design from a generic as well as subject or disciplinary perspective. Read more…


Inclusive Teaching and Learning in HE

Underpinning the concept of inclusive learning and teaching are values of equity and fairness. This means taking account of and valuing students’ differences mainstream curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.  Read more…


Inclusive Curriculum Journal

This edition of the AHEAD Journal shares stories from practitioners who are change agents and who are doing things differently, changing thinking, developing innovative approaches to improve the experiences and opportunities of students with disabilities. It will give you a brief glimpse of the AHEAD Symposium on Universal Design in DCU in March and the creativity of the students in Blanchardstown in giving us a visual representation of their experiences of education. Read more here and here



Assessment Design

Traditional tests limit the demonstration of potential. Nicole Ofiesh discusses universally designed assessments. Read more…


Ever needed case studies in how to make your teaching more inclusive?

Have a look at this free  book on Universal Design For Curriculum Design.

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