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University of Westminster Researcher Network Third Annual Conference

18th June 2019, Marylebone Campus

Research Matters

Why does research matter?  Who does it matter to? What is the significance and the impact of what we do?  This conference will explore the many different ways that our research makes a difference.  Constructs such as the REF and ‘impact’ seem to define the reasons for doing research in very specific ways.  This conference provides an opportunity to present your research and articulate the ways in which it is important.

Why it matters –

  • On a global or national level
  • On a local level
  • On an institutional level
  • On a course level
  • On a personal level

We would welcome papers that address any of the above listed areas – or other ways in which you feel that your research matters.  This conference will create an opportunity to communicate why what we do is important.  We also invite contributions that explore different contexts in which we are challenged to explain why we are doing what we are doing.

Submission guidelines and deadlines:

Please send 300 word abstracts as a single PDF file to with Westminster Research Conference in the subject line by 5pm on Friday 12th April 2019. Notification of acceptance will be emailed by 03 May 2019 and the abstracts will be published as part of the publicity for the conference.

Informal queries to Dr. Margherita Sprio (Chair of Researcher Network), Westminster School of Arts, CREAM –

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