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Using LEGO as a teaching resource

On Friday 25th October Dr Celia Popovic, Associate Professor from York University, Toronto, Canada facilitated a workshop on the use of LEGO as a teaching resource.

The aims of the workshop were to:

• Discuss the creative cognitive process as a tool for supporting student learning and skill development;
• Demonstrate strategies for incorporating LEGO into classroom lessons that can help to teach, creativity, communication and problem solving;
• Review practical considerations for using LEGO as a teaching tool in the classroom.

In the first activity participants were asked to consider how they would represent core attitudes, beliefs or other ideas they had in how they approached their teaching and using LEGO build that representation.

In the second activity two participants in each group were asked to build a LEGO model using a prepared kit. This activity was done with the pair sitting back to back – one acting as an instructor, the other as a builder. The remainder of the group acted as observers to note what worked and what didn’t.

Finally the element of competition was introduced as participants were asked to build a bridge with the longest span using LEGO.

Participants said:

‘It was a very good learning experience’
‘Lego workshop was very useful’.
‘My students will soon be working in groups for their assessment presentation and I feel I can use LEGO to help them learn about working effectively in a team’.
‘I really enjoyed the workshop’.

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