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RAISE conference at Sheffield Hallam University

One of the most exciting experiences about being a co-creator is attending conferences. This is a good opportunity for students and staff to network and to expand knowledge. It also enables students to learn beyond their field of interest (for me it is biomedical science).

RAISE (– Researching, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement) 2018 is so far the biggest conference I have attended. In this conference not only UK universities took part but also Universities from other countries such as Canada and New Zealand shared their Ideas on how to engage students more effectively in higher education. Here I want to point out, I was amazed by the thinking of all these Universities, everyone was there to help each other, share whatever they had to improve University teaching internationally.

The opening statement of Dr Jessica Riddell who is inaugural Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair of Undergraduate Teaching Excellence at Bishop’s University amazed me. She explained how simple changes can make teaching so exciting and  engage students effectively.

Because of this conference I was able to meet people like Amatey Doku (Deputy President NUS) and Rosie Tressler (Chief Executive at Student Minds, student mental health charity UK).

RAISE also helped strengthen my existing relationships. I felt like I built a family in these three years of working in co-creators’ projects. All thanks to Moonisah and Jennifer for their continuous support and care.

To sum up, these exchanges of ideas seed the links for future collaborations across the world and make Universities better everywhere with improved teaching quality. In addition, this conference provided me with huge knowledge to develop new thoughts for student engagement.

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