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Prestige Workshops 2018/19


There will be a series of workshops for staff wanting to make an application for Higher Education Academy (HEA) Fellowship or Senior Fellowship via the e-portfolio route throughout the academic year.

• Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) provides experienced academics with professional recognition benchmarked against the UK Professional Standards Framework.

• Senior Fellows of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA) additionally demonstrate leadership, impact and influence in teaching and learning through, for example, responsibility for leading, managing or organising programmes subjects.

There is also the opportunity to attend a Writing Retreat on Monday December 10th 10.00am – 5.00pm. This will provide you with uninterrupted time to work on your portfolio at the same time as other colleagues undertaking the process, and to get some feedback on the spot.

To attend a PRESTige Induction Worksop workshop please email, clearly stating the date and time of the workshop you wish to attend.

Please remember to complete the PRESTige application form using the link below:

For any questions about HEA Fellowship please email

Learn more about the PRESTige scheme on the webpages of the Centre for Teaching Innovation

Date & Time Location
October 9th (am) Cohort 11 115 NCS
October 23rd (am) Cohort 11 101 NCS
November 9th (am) Cohort 11 Marylebone
November 14th (am) Cohort 11 Regent
December 10th – Writing Retreat (all day) 101 NCS
January 16th – Writing Retreat (all day) Regent
February 6th (pm) Cohort 12 Marylebone
February 19th (am) Cohort 12 115 NCS
March 13th (am) Cohort 12 CANCELLED
March 18th (am) Cohort 12 Regent
April 10th (pm) Cohort 12 101 NCS
May 7th – Writing Retreat (all day) 101 NCS
May 14th (pm) Cohort 13 101 NCS
May 24th (pm) Cohort 13 Marylebone
June 5th (am)  Cohort 13 101 NCS
June 14th (am) Cohort 13 115 NCS
July 2nd – Writing Retreat (all day)

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