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    I am generally interested in transdisciplinary research and how we can identify common themes across the institution that could perhaps bring more innovative ideas, courses etc. Potentially co-faculty/school led courses where there are synergies, maybe an option. More flexible solutions and approaches to a range of industries.

    In what potentially are interesting times for the university, it would be good to explore what we could do. We invested a lot into initiatives like Learning Futures without really testing what can be done with. We have some good work that has been undertaken in the strategic aspects, that have not really been examined. The co-created experience still feels like left on the paper and not put totally into practice. Higher education has to become more nimble and refine its offering with innovative curriculum, as opposed to the status quo.

    I mainly operate in one industry (construction) but interested in so much more, my research focus is on curriculum design for built environment disciplines. But in doing this I am exploring areas such as design science, cybernetics, sports, other creative industries, etc. There are common themes across many disciplines to be explored with different viewpoints, health and wellbeing, technology, professionalism and ethics, sustainability, and look at them with the various viewpoints different disciplines offer. I would like to look at the options with others who maybe interested for developing a learning community to explore this.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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