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    Mentoring and coaching relationships are recognised as valuable within education and industry – and are increasingly regarded as an effective part of supporting people’s professional development. Collaboration and networking through mentoring and coaching provide ways of supporting staff and students, especially through difficult times.

    The broad aims for the Learning Community on Mentoring and Coaching for HE staff and students would be to:
    • Create a dynamic mentoring and coaching community across the University;
    • Provide professional development opportunities for mentors/coaches to use Peer Review and Observation more effectively to improve learning and teaching at the University;
    • Establish a network of support for mentors/coaches;
    • Assist mentors and coaches to establish rapport with proteges given time constraints;
    • Exchange good practice on mentoring and coaching in HE;
    • Improve feedback practice for mentors and coaches;
    • Develop mentoring and coaching resources;
    • Develop a series of case studies/FAQs on critical incidents in mentoring and coaching;
    • Create staff development opportunities for mentors and coaches.

    We would like your views and/or participation for example to:
    • Decide on themes for a conference on Mentoring and Coaching practice
    • Contribute to case studies on critical incidents in mentoring and coaching
    • Develop a possible mentoring/coaching contract
    • Take part in professional development opportunities focusing on mentoring/coaching
    • Develop Peer Review and Observation skills for mentors and coaches;
    • Decide whether excellent mentoring/coaching might become part of Student and Staff Awards.

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