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  • Dr Lisa Matthewman
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    Enabling the effective work of Course Leaders is essential if the University is to meet its objectives and strategies and continue to evolve into the 2020 organisation of the future.

    Course Leaders play a pivotal role in the University organisational structure. Fundamentally, how they carry out their role impacts on the delivery of courses, the morale of colleagues within their teams and the learning experience of their students.

    If you are interested in joining a support peer practice group of course leaders and want to transform the learning and teaching experience for students and staff, please sign up.

    The development of this community of practice aims to foster collaboration and best practice, continuous development of academics, a better staff experience and more focus on teaching and research.


    • Development of holistic course leadership approach
    • Develop a culture of collegiality and cohesiveness among faculty and staff,
    • Reduce the administrative workload with a ‘team around the course’ philosophy
    • Bespoke learning and development that supports and empowers Course Leaders to execute their role.
    • Recognition and Reward of Course leadership commensurate with the nature and scope of the role (‘Teaching, Scholarly
    Activity and Leadership’ career pathway).

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    Hi Lisa

    As you know, I think a community for peer support in course leadership is a great idea. Having previously spent over ten years as a programme leader I know what a demanding, and sometimes lonely role it can be. Course leaders are given significant responsibilities but have to lead through persuasion, collaboration and, often, simply by example. I know I would have valued a community to draw on the experiences of colleagues and share ideas about how to tackle the challenges we all face. Often the most interesting ideas come from the experiences of others who have a similar role in a different context.

    I am sure there must be many course leaders around the institution who would be interested in participating, and I hope you get some response to this.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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