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RAISE conference at University of Lincoln

Kyra Towards the end of the summer, myself and Huanyu got to attend the 2022 RAISE conference held at the University of Lincoln. The two-day conference was an opportunity for students, lecturers and academic staff to come together to reflect on the origins and impact of Student as Producer practice and hear about the project

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Student perspectives and strategies for moving forward with Online Learning and Teaching at Westminster

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented with many challenges for students and staff working in Higher Education. Whilst some of the challenges may be unique to our position in the institution, there are some concerns that we all share – at the University of Westminster, we care about each other’s wellbeing and continuously strive to form

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Partnership mindset outside the student partnership projects and into other aspects of daily life

Dr. Lucy Mercer-Mapstone facilitated a workshop and discussion on how we can develop an inclusive partnership mindset to use not only in our projects, but also in our personal lives. The workshop was held on Tuesday, 29th of January at University of Westminster, London for the Co- Creators students and staff to meet and learn

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Co-liberation, anyone?

In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed - Anonymous The increasing espousal of Collaboration is not out of an ethical consideration neither it is being encouraged because it is a new fad which has caught society’s attention.

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RAISE conference at Sheffield Hallam University

One of the most exciting experiences about being a co-creator is attending conferences. This is a good opportunity for students and staff to network and to expand knowledge. It also enables students to learn beyond their field of interest (for me it is biomedical science). RAISE (– Researching, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement) 2018 is

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Student Engagement: Evolution and Future

In the month of June this year, I had the chance to attend the International Institute on Students as Partners at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada. The conference was attended from delegates from some of the leading universities around the globe. The conference was centralized on the role of Student Engagement and overall aim of the

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International Students as Partners Institute June 2018

Attending the International Students as Partners Institute 2018 in Ontario, Canada Being part of the Students as Co-Creators Research Project has been one of the best opportunities that came into my life since I joined higher education in the United Kingdom. Students as Co-Creators means a lot to me because through this project I

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Students as Co-Creators team attend RAISE special interest group meeting in Newcastle

My reflections on the RAISE Partnership Special Interest Group Meeting Monday, the 21st of May, Newcastle University As a final year student, just a few weeks away from graduation, attending the RAISE SIG meeting was like a stroll down memory lane. And throughout reflecting in-action – during my active participation in the discussion and

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