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i-THRIVE (Thought Rewarding and Inclusive Value-Led Education) is a course design framework based on Universal Design for Learning (Institute for Human Centred Design, 2016) that guides the design of courses and learning environments to appeal to the widest range of students (different ages, (dis)abilities, characteristics, socio-economic status and life stages) without lowering standards or expectations.

i-THRIVE aims to deliver on the University’s priorities:

• High-quality transformative learning
• Exceptional experience for all students
• A focussed, high-performing organisation.

In 17/18 an online checklist was developed in collaboration with the JISC Digitisation Project at the university and is available for staff to use i-THRIVE Checklist Online. The checklist was successfully piloted with newly validated MSc courses at WBS. See testimonials below:

“Many thanks for sending the THRIVE Inclusive Course Design Checklist, this was most useful and helped us identify those activities that we had already incorporated in our design and express them in a more explicit manner”.
“Most useful, we wish we had the checklist at the pre-validation stage!”

Other achievements by the Community include:
• i-THRIVE had a presence at the WBS Learning and Teaching Day, 21st June 2018
• i-THRIVE delivered Inclusive Design staff workshops in June 2018
• Daniela delivered a session at the Westminster Learning and Teaching Symposium, 26th June, 2018
• Daniela will present at the International Conference on Inclusive Universities in Salzburg, 18/19 October, 2018

If you would like to join i-THRIVE in 18/19, please email

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