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Teaching with was introduced to the university in September 2016 and is proving to be popular.  What offers is a library of over 5000 video-based courses related to technology, business and creative skills with new courses added each week.  These can be easily integrated into Blackboard, or online reading lists.

Dr Christian Kennett – “So useful in so many ways”

Lecturers across the university are commenting on how can take some of the pressure off class time by providing learning opportunities for students online.  One example comes from the MBA, where the course team have worked as a team to create playlists of relevant courses.  Dr Kellie Vincent, the director of the MBA, says that has added an extra dimension to their teaching by enabling them to offer more content, but in a flexible way.

Dr Kellie Vincent – “Easy, flexible, and essential” has an approach to teaching which is aimed at maximising learning.  Each course is divided into segments of about twenty five minutes and added features such as bookmarking, transcripts, exercise files, and a note-taking app makes learning with Lynda an active process making it more likely that learning is retained.

For more information about using Lynda visit, or take the one hour Teaching with course.

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