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Research and Visibility

The Second University of Westminster Research Conference, organised by the Researcher Network will take place on 20th June 2017, at Little Titchfield Street in 2.05A.

Key Note Speakers: We are delighted to announce the three Key Note Speakers at this year’s conference are: Professor Sian Harding, Acting Head of the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London and Director of the Imperial British Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine Centre, Professor Jonathan D. Katz who directs the doctoral program in Visual Studies at the University at Buffalo and Professor Madhu Purnima Kishwar, ICSSR Maulana Azad National, Delhi, India.

Professor Sian Harding will present: Can you die of a broken heart?

Strong emotion can have devastating effects on the human heart. Bereavement, arguments and threatening situations, as well as strong physical stress, can trigger rapid heart problems. The death of Debbie Reynolds immediately after that of her daughter, Carrie Fisher, is one recent example. However, even happy emotions, like a surprise birthday party or son’s wedding have produced the same effects. What’s going on? I will talk about two diseases: Sudden Cardiac Death and Takotsubo Syndrome, which are both linked to extreme emotion but have very different outcomes.

Professor Jonathan D. Katz will present: The Fright Wig and the Gray Flannel Suit: Envisioning a Communal Queer Ethos in Warhol

While Andy Warhol’s queer art and his queer identity have long been recognized as contiguous, sexuality remains largely incidental to Warhol’s achievement, and utterly marginal to the general perception of his amoral, even unethical character. Using the unknown–and very queer– unexpurgated text of a famous 1963 interview with Gene Swenson that was ruthlessly edited to remove all references to queerness, Katz will argue the opposite, that Warhol’s work is best understood as something then quite fragile and new—a species of queer standpoint epistemology, even a new queer ethos. In the process, Katz reframes some of Warhol’s most recognized work as structured by a coherent, ethical worldview.

Professor Madhu Purnima Kishwar will present a Gender War Rhetoric Versus Reality of Laws Enacted for Strengthening Women’s Rights in India

This presentation will provide in depth analysis of three major laws enacted in recent decades depth analysis of three major laws enacted in recent decades for the ostensible purpose of “empowering women”–namely the anti-dowry law, laws against domestic violence and the anti-rape law–as illustrative examples of the growing gap between the declared pious intent behind enacting pro-women laws and their actual performance when implemented on the ground.

How to Book: Please request a space on this workshop by emailing and putting Westminster Research Conference in the subject line.

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