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2017 – 2018

Investigating how accessible extra-curricular resources are in the department of Psychology.

Introducing a library application that captures the needs of students

Exploring student’s perceptions, awareness and attitudes to mindfulness.

Exploring student’s attitude to Brexit, education and their tendency to begin, continue or leave their higher education in the UK.

Examining the effectiveness of FANS (Friends of Arriving New Students) initiative and ways to improve it.

How can we make the university more comfortable for international students?

Improving the postgraduate experience by expanding the availability of or awareness for the various forms of digital communication made available to Masters students.

Establishing how students within the construction studies programme perceive the relationship between full-time and part-time students and whether the mix hinders student engagement.

Are more learning opportunities in application and gaming software localisation needed by students at the University of Westminster?

Providing universities with information on what students are actually looking for from their timetables.

The Introduction of a Nomadic Studio as part of the MArch Programme at the University of Westminster.

Exploring how exposure to international experiences can impact employability

Assessing racial and queer diversity on the Visual Culture MA programmes.

Understanding the barriers that prevent MA students of design using active making, as a method of learning.

How does the Engage platform help Media students improve their academic skills?

2016 – 2017

Exploring how students in the Faculty of Science and Technology are using Blackboard to support their studies.

Exploring student and staff perspectives of group work in the department of Biomedical Sciences and Life Sciences.

A comparison of student satisfaction and feedback from the SES and NSS between the Faculty of Science and Technology and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Designing a library application that will enhance the student experience and support academic performance.

How are students being prepared at Westminster for life beyond graduation?

Investigating the personal tutoring experience of students in the Westminster Business School

Using non-academic activities to develop a student community at Westminster Business School.

A student platform for sharing artwork in the Faculty of Media Arts and Design.

Exploring the effects of music on students’ concentration while solving intellectually stimulating exercises.

2015 – 2016

Could training and exposure to technologies before online studies boost the academic performance of the student?

Departmental differences in student engagement with iPads via use of smart applications during teaching sessions.

Exploring the usefulness of Youtube videos in enhancing student learning and integration into university.

Reviewing assessment briefing processes to increase the transparency of assessment criteria for students in Westminster Business School.