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Oui!Learn at the Learning and Teaching Symposium

26 June 2018

The Oui!Learn community, in the form of Allan Parsons, Caroline Baruah and Georgios Tsagdis, gave a presentation at the Westminster Learning and Teaching Symposium on 26 June 2018 which sought to open up a debate about how the university in the age of the Great Recession might respond to its situation in terms of its institutional form, its pedagogical practices and its curricular design.

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There’s More to Appearances Than Meets the Eye

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Tue 27 February 2018, 10:00 – 12:00 GMT

Training Room, Harrow Library

University of Westminster, Harrow, England HA1 3TP

Aesthetics is not simply about beauty, taste, art or design. Aesthetic thinking operates across all disciplines and professions, to a large extent determining the ways in which sensible perceptions are ordered into rational thoughts.

This student-focused, active learning workshop encourages students from different areas of study to examine the similarities and differences across their disciplines and future professions, from biosciences to business to media studies, in the ways in which sensible observations gives rise to rational or logical sense and the ways in which rational sense is recorded and imposed upon sensible perceptions. Furthermore, students are led to examine the ways in which the sensible continues to trouble existing regimes of sense through the appearance of new phenomena, stimulating creativity within the discipline or profession and leading to practical change or innovation in the world.

The workshop also considers the technologies of perception which different disciplines and professions employ to define, frame and materialise their perceptions, opening up a secondary principle of creativity and innovation.

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