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Fostering Creativity

‘Fostering Creativity’
Wednesday 21st February, 1.30-3.00 with lunch

You are invited to join conversations over lunch on the theme of creativity at the second Centre for Teaching Innovation seminar for 2017 – 18.

How to Book: Please request a space on this workshop by emailing

The speakers featured are;
Pop Goes The Now – Cross-disciplinary innovation in practice – Adrian York & Caroline Baruah, WSMAD; Nuala O’Sullivan, WBS

‘Pop Goes the Now’ is an elective module that takes the student on a cross-disciplinary exploration of contemporary popular cultural expression and modes of practice, taking in philosophy, fashion, film, TV, music, comic books and graphic novels, technology, architecture, politics and history, critical thinking, business and psychology, while also aiming to explode conceptions of ‘Pop’ as a superficial means of expression. The module is important and relevant to students who learn to appreciate their place in the context of contemporary culture, taking ownership as agents of change to speculate on and to create cultural futures. The module is predominantly delivered across inner London interpreting key sites as cultural texts.

“A Walk in Our Shoe”: Student engagement via Creative and Collaborative Learning practice: Designing Game with Narrative Experience – Li Jin, FST; Emma Dodson, WSMAD

Learning occurs most effectively within a social and practice-focused context in which the construction of knowledge and understanding is facilitated through active participation in learning communities based on open collaboration and communication. Our interdisciplinary pedagogical learning practice facilitates students at UOW to develop their abilities of the combination of grasping experience and transforming knowledge and further shape them as a new era of learners, appreciating the need for interdisciplinary approaches in understanding creative learning technology.

The LAW of Unintended Consequences: Between Disruptive Technologies and Enhanced Learning – Aurora Voiculescu, SSH.

While emerging technologies are often presented as a way of providing scope for real-time engagement and fast student reactions, this presentation will focus on the way in which technology can also be used to provide an additional pause for thought, with sometimes surprising results. While the reflection is facilitated by the current literature in the field (Levy, 2015; Caron and Gely 2004; Koo 2007; Caron 2006), it is more importantly rooted in three years of empirical observations of using the Panopto application for undergraduate coursework assessment within the School of Law.


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