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Criminology book launch

Criminology, a textbook co-authored by the University of Westminster’s David Manlow (winner of the British Society of Criminology award for Excellence in Teaching Criminology) along with Stephen Case, Philip Johnson, Roger Smith and Katherine Williams, was launched this week with a popular event at the University of Westminster.

Criminology is a textbook with a new approach, both student-focused and research-engaged, whose goal is to help the next generation of criminologists to be switched-on, excited, and critical. Written for today’s students, it provides the framework of knowledge core to exploring, understanding, and explaining crime.

From the first chapter, students are encouraged to regard themselves as producers of criminological knowledge.

Features include:

  • conversations with experts from the field
  • personal insights from the authors
  • spotlights on emerging subject areas
  • challenges to students to critically reflect on their own viewpoints
  • discussion of criminology’s controversies

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