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Learning Communities

Each Westminster Learning Community has its own dedicated online space here to share their outputs and publicise their activities. Each community also has a group area which includes a members’ discussion forum. These spaces will aid collaboration and communication and enable web-based networking and online learning and exchange. Full access to each community’s forum is restricted to community members.

Follow the links below to go to each community’s pages.

Creative Collaborations

A community to highlight the potential of working collaboratively with students, by showcasing the diverse talents the university has to offer through the medium of film.


A community which focuses on the inclusive curriculum. Its aim is to devise an online self-assessment tool to help course teams improve the level of inclusivity of every aspect of the curriculum.


A community which seeks to promote a caring, technologically-fluid learning environment to enable staff and students to develop their self-confidence so as to be able to adapt and learn creatively

What is Teaching Excellence?

A community that aims to evaluate perceptions of what constitutes good teaching amongst students, lecturers, university leaders and alumni.

Digital engagement

A community to share best practice in the use of technology within physical classroom spaces to enrich curriculum delivery and stimulate student engagement and activity.

Enquiry-based Learning

A community to share best practice and provide support to colleagues who would like to use enquiry-based learning (EBL) or problem-based learning (PBL) in their courses or devise a new EBL module.

Learn to Code

A community of staff and students to develop online content and tools for users learning to code. Outputs will include a website with interactive content, exercises, quizzes, videos, and code visualising tools.

Mobile Learning

A community to research, implement and promote mobile and flexible learning and teaching. The community develops the work of the large mobile learning project in the Faculty of Science and Technology.