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If you already have a fully scoped proposal and know who the members of your community will be and would like to request funding for your community, fill in the application form.

Even if you don’t require funding for your community, we would still like you to formally establish your community through the CTI so we can build a full picture of communities emerging around the University and so that you can join in and benefit from the being part of this forum of communities. If you already have a proposal in mind and have agreed the members of your community but are not seeking funding, fill in the registration form giving us some details about your community.

All registered communities – funded and unfunded – will be provided a dedicated area on the COMMUNITIES page to share their outputs and host discussion forums.

For communities seeking funding, up to £3000 is available to communities whose applications are successful. Applications will be considered by a panel and there will be rolling application rounds, and the current deadline for submission of application forms is XXX.

All communities are strongly encouraged to read the Westminster Learning Communities Guidance before proceeding with their registration or application. If you would like to discuss your registration or application further, attend a WLCs surgery – keep an eye on the website for further details of the next surgery. Or, you can contact XXX. Training will also be made available for community facilitators (this will be mandatory for funded communities).

Funding will be available for one year at a time. If you would like to apply for further funding, fill in the funding renewal form.